McFarland and Associates, Inc. (AAHP) was founded in 1989 on the belief that offering high-quality research, evaluation, and management services will support and improve the lives of our nation’s underserved populations. This commitment evolved from experience and education gained while participating in research studies and providing services to address the nation’s most important social and economic challenges.

McFarland’s concern for people is the basis for our approach and strategy that intersects humanity with technology to unleash and empower individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential. Information is an important catalyst for creating positive change and removing limitations. McFarland’s solutions support changing and expanding options and environments where individuals and groups can prosper and thrive.

McFarland’s skilled, dedicated staff and broad experience are evidenced in providing management and direct services to public and private organizations. However, there are times when a lack of funding for a service by a provider or an existing McFarland initiative has prevented the development of a cost-effective solution. Hence, the McFarland Institute is utilized to fill in the gaps in an expedient manner with the least amount of bureaucracy. Two very different projects funded by the McFarland Institute exemplify how significant impact can be achieved through the timely use of resources.

As can be seen, by the examples, the McFarland Institute is a pillar in the McFarland and Associates portfolio of services that helps to assure creativity and sustainability in service provision. 

George C. McFarlandPresident and Chief Executive Officer

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